Covenant High Plains Surgery Center is a physician-owned venture between Covenant Health Systems, Laurus High Plains Surgery Center, LP, and other local physician partners.

It’s possible that your physician has already invested in a relationship with Covenant High Plains Surgery Center. If so, he or she may have the benefit of performing your surgical procedures at our Quaker Avenue or 22nd Street facilities. This investment allows your physician to retain quality control over your medical procedures, and to ensure that your medical costs are reasonable.

Current Physician Partners:

Nevan G Baldwin, M.D.

Alfonso Barragan, M.D.

Charles Bayouth, M.D.

James Boop, M.D.

Hemmo Bosscher, M.D.

Job Buschman, M.D.

Mark D'Alise, M.D.

Sammy Deeb, M.D.

Janelle Dorsett, M.D.

William Fell, M.D.

Richard George, M.D.

James Gutheil, M.D.

Danny Hunter, M.D.

John S. Johnson, D.D.S.

Houssam Kharrat, M.D.

Joseph Killeen, M.D.

Robert King, M.D.

David Mangold, M.D.

Jonathan Mannas, M.D.

Eric Minns, M.D.

Melinda Nickels, M.D.

Brian Norkiewicz, M.D.

Claude Oliva, M.D.

Michael Owen, M.D.

Karl Pankratz, M.D.

Richard Pfeiffer, M.D.

Stanley Potocki, M.D.

Catherine Ronaghan, M.D.

Jane Rowley, M.D.

Fatima Salas, M.D.

Caleb Sallee, M.D.

Melinda Garcia Schalow, M.D.

Philip Scolaro, M.D.

Dave Shephard, M.D.

Zuhair M. Shihab, M.D.

Harold Smith, M.D.

John Streit, M.D.

Elbert Thames, M.D.

Stan Thornton, M.D.

David Cuthbertson, M.D.

Richard Rosen, M.D.

Kim Pershall, M.D.