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What is a surgery center?

An ambulatory surgery center (ASC) is also commonly known as an outpatient surgery center. ASC's are designed exclusively for outpatient surgeries and procedures and are a popular alternative to hospitalization.

Why can it be less expensive to be treated at the Surgery Center?

Procedures performed at our facilities can be less expensive for many different reasons. First, because our patients go home to recover either the same day or within 23 hours. We do not charge the costly overhead hospitals may charge to care for sick patients over a longer period of time. Because we are owned by physician partners, Doctors are also free to be more patient-centered about your treatment and more efficient in your care without the layers of bureaucracy common in hospitals.

Our physicians also employ minimally invasive techniques that don't require large incisions and lengthy hospitalization and rehabilitation. Less tissue damage results in a shorter recovery time.

Many studies have shown that ASC's charge less for many procedures. In fact, the amount of Medicare reimbursement we collect for performing the exact same procedure on the same surgical case done in a hospital is actually around 56% of the rate paid to the hospital, so our patients pay less, while we also save the federal government money.

Do I go home the same day?

For most procedures, our patients go home the same day. Every step is taken to ensure our patients and their families are prepared for the recovery at home, where patients can rest and recover in familiar surroundings.

What doctors practice at the surgery centers?

We features a number of surgeons and specialists who have privileges to perform procedures at the facility. In fact, most of these physicians also practice at area hospitals.

How do I request a copy of my medical record?

You may call either medical facility directly.

Where are your facilities located?

Covenant High Plains Surgery Center has two conveniently located centers. Each centers is within the hospital district and just blocks from each other.

1. Quaker Avenue center is at 2301 Quaker Ave
2. 22nd Street center is at 3610 22nd Street.

For maps and more precise, turn-by-turn directions, please visit our Contact us page.

Why do I have to arrive early for my procedure?

Please arrive at your designated arrival time per your physician’s office. These times are coordinated with the physician offices and the surgery centers. The operating room is a very dynamic place and the schedule can either speed up or slow down depending on the day. We ask that you arrive at the surgery center at the designated time because if your surgeon gets ahead of schedule, we can get you in sooner. Please be aware that sometimes the opposite occurs and you may have to wait a little longer. We will be sure to keep you updated throughout the process as to your expected time of procedure.

How will I feel after my procedure? Will I have much pain?

Unfortunately you will have some discomfort. We will manage your discomfort the best that we can. You will be asked to help us by using a pain scale between 0-10 (0 being no pain and 10 being severe pain). In most cases the physician will order medication for pain to be taken at home after discharge.

When can I go back to work and/or school?

You will need to contact your physician's office to determine any leave of absence requirements.

How do I get my FMLA or disability paperwork filled out?

FMLA, workers compensation or disability paperwork must be filled out by your physician through their office. The surgery center or endoscopy center are not able to complete this for you.